Storm Damage Repair & Hurricane Preparation

The Professionals you can Trust for Hurricane Preparation and Storm Damage Repair

House Doctors can take care of damages that occur to the home due to major storms.  Roofing, shutters, gutters, siding, painting, windows, and doors are just a few of the home repair and improvements that our experienced technicians can complete.  Whether you have a long list of repair needs or just one or two small projects, House Doctors can take care of all of your repair and improvement needs with just one call.

We also specialize in hurricane preparation including: 


  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Window and Door Covers
  • Removal of Trees and Potential Windborne Missiles
  • Double Entry Door Reinforcement
  • Reinforcement and Replacement of Garage Doors
  • Installing Waterproof Veneer to Exterior Walls
  • Securing Composition Shingle Roofs
  • Securing Metal Siding and Metal Roofs
  • Anchoring Fuel Tanks
  • And Much More!



  • Raising Electrical System Components
  • Turning Off Utilities
  • Installation of Electrical Generators
  • Raising and Floodproofing Heating, Ventilating, and Cooling (HVAC) Equipment
  • And Much More!


All franchises are individually owned and operated. All services may not be available at
every location and some services are subject to state and local licensing requirements.