Pre Sale Home Improvements

Pre Sale Home ImprovementsPre sale home improvements can provide the finishing touches you need to enhance the marketability, and market value, of your home. With a little tender loving care, you can ensure that your home makes a positive impact on potential buyers. While not comprehensive, the following checklists create a starting point for your pre sale home maintenance and repairs.

First impressions are important. So, when preparing the exterior of your home, be sure to:

  • Maintain an attractive landscape – fertilizing, watering, mowing, and trimming the hedges as needed, until your home is sold
  • Inspect your roof, making note of any loose or damaged tiles or shingles
  • Replace missing gutters and downspouts, and remove all blockages and accumulated debris
  • Repair or replace damaged or missing shutters and touch up the trim paint on all doors, fascia, window frames, etc.
  • Wash all windows – inside and out
  • Mend and paint all fences
  • Clear debris from your curbs, driveway, and walkways each week
  • Clean and repair your home’s driveway and walkways, removing stains and patching cracks

Within the interior of your home:

  • Clean from top to bottom, paying particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Remove all stains from kitchen and bathroom fixtures and replace old caulking
  • Repair or replace leaky faucets and fixtures, and unclog all drains
  • Clean and deodorize all carpets and drapes – vacuum prior to each showing of your home
  • Mop and wax all tile or wood floors
  • Repair any cracks and holes in the walls and doors
  • Touch up paint where needed
  • Replace or repair all damaged window and door screens
  • Make sure that all doors, drawers, cabinets, and windows are well lubricated
  • Reduce clutter throughout your home, pre-packing items that are used less often

For professional handyman assistance in completing your pre sale home improvements checklist, please contact House Doctors today.