Maintenance of stairs

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Care of the stairs made of wood.

Care of the staircase in a private house begins with the installation, therefore, it is better to install the ladder after finishing works. This is explained by the fact that most tree species are afraid of moisture, which is present in the finishing materials. The tree likes a comfortable temperature of about 20 - 30 degrees. This optimum temperature guarantees uniform drying. From the temperature drop, the tree structure undergoes a degeneration due to uneven drying with the appearance of cracks. At first glance, the tree is a fairly hard material, but is afraid of mechanical effects on the surface by sharp objects. Therefore, taking heavy stairs on the stairs should be extremely cautious. Lacquer or polished surface wipe with a soft cloth, and for shine, use only special care products for furniture on a wax basis. When wet cleaning, be careful not to spill a lot of water and do not get on the surface of detergents, which can cause a chemical reaction to the surface.

Care for the glass staircase.

Glass ladders are made of tempered laminated glass, so it is a high-strength material, which also needs care. One of the main rules is correctly chosen cleaning agents for glasses. Glass does not like abrasive detergents or alkali-containing products. It is worth noting that the glass ladder is well washed with soapy water. Stairclimbers need servicing, there is some UK law that explains on this website. The material for washing should be chosen with a soft surface, so as not to leave scratches on the glass. Should be washed on both sides, without leaving a divorce. If the ladder has metal joints and elements, do not allow moisture to form between them, so that rust is not formed even on the rustproof metal itself.

Care for metalwork.

Metal structures in the modern world occupy a special place. Dignity: reliability, durability and short lead times, quick installation. In principle, metal stairs in a private house do not need special care, but one should pay attention to wiping from dust and applying against a corrosive coating.