Home Sensor Systems for Safety and Independent Living

Home Sensor Systems are a great option for seniors, disabled and developmentally disabled individuals that want to live independently in their own home, but still need occasional assistance or reminders for every day activities.  House Doctors is a proud installer of SimplyHome‘s innovative sensor technology for independent living.

This unique system allows each homeowner or caretaker to customize specific sensors around the home which monitors their daily activities.  The senors then proactively sends alerts in changes of behavior patterns to the caregiver, to notify them of pre-determined activities, or inactivity in their loved ones home.

Home Sensor SystemsDifferent types of sensors are placed throughout the home including:

  • Contact Sensors – Placed on cabinets, doors, windows, microwaves, refrigerators, etc to detect activity.
  • Motion Sensors – Detect activity or inactivity in the home.  These sensors work in conjunction with others to determine a sequence of events, such as if the stove is on and there hasn’t been any motion detected in the kitchen an alert will be sent.
  • Stove Sensor – Determines if the stove is on, and if the individual is actively cooking, or if it was turned on and mistakenly left on.
  • Cameras – The cameras are intended for safety and security purposes and where the video can be accessed through a secure website.  Alerts can also be sent to an email or text providing a photo snapshot of the suspect activity.


When the caregiver or loved one receives an alert or notification, it allows them to respond to the concern immediately.


  • Independent living
  • Control of their lives
  • Minimal mainenance
  • Enjoy everyday activities
  • Adaptable for changing needs
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Noninvasive and quite sensors
  • Peace of mind
  • Increased comfort and safety


House Doctors technicians can install these home systems that will help you or your loved ones live more comfortably and independently using the latest technologies. These can make your home safer to live in, more secure and more efficient. From sensors that can tell if doors are left open or cookers are left on to thermostats that can control temperatures remotely to cameras that can enable you to view your home from afar House Doctors can help.


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