What’s the Secret to a Great Paint Job?

What's the Secret to a Great Paint Job?If you want to change the look of a room in your house, a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. And because paint is affordable and applying it doesn’t seem that hard, plenty of homeowners decide to tackle this task on their own. While it’s great to have a DIY spirit, a lot of homeowners are disappointed by the outcome of their painting. Even though they had a clear picture in their mind of what the walls were supposed to look like, the end result doesn’t look anything like they expected.

Additionally, some homeowners are initially quite happy with the way their paint job looks, only to notice in the near future that the color is already starting to look faded or washed out. If you’re wondering why this type of scenario is so common, it’s because a lot of homeowners don’t realize that the most important part of painting doesn’t involve any paint. Instead, it’s the prep that’s done before any paint is applied. Specifically, the secret to a great paint job is primer.

Why is Primer So Important?

To understand the vital role that primer plays, it’s helpful to first understand the main difference between it and paint. Because the primary role of paint is to provide color, it has more pigment than resin. With primer, you get very little pigment but a lot of resin. As a result, it’s able to create the ideal foundation that blocks stains and seals the entire surface. That’s why primer plus one coat of paint is more effective than two coats of paint without any primer.

Priming Has Lots of Benefits

Not only does properly priming a wall yield the best result, but because it fully seals the surface, it also means that less paint will be required. Once primer is properly tinted and applied, a single coat of paint will have an even and consistent finish. The next big benefit of primer is that it enriches the color of paint. Since primer fully hides previous coats, the new coat that’s applied will fully showcase the beauty and vibrancy of the paint’s color.

Another really nice trait of primer is even if your walls have stains from nicotine, water, crayons or markers, applying primer will block all those stains and ensure your paint job isn’t ruined before it even starts. Finally, priming walls before painting them will maximize the amount of time that your paint continues to look its best.

Painting Still Isn’t for Everyone

Although primer goes a long way towards allowing any homeowner to get the result they expect from painting, that doesn’t automatically mean they have the time for this task. If you’ve had painting on your to-do list for longer than you can remember and just haven’t been able to make room in your schedule, don’t hesitate to call House Doctors. Because our professional handymen will properly prime and paint as many walls as you need, you can get the long-lasting look you want in the very near future.