What Does It Take to Build a Backyard Fire Pit?

What Does It Take to Build a Backyard Fire Pit?If you’re looking for a way to make your backyard an even more enjoyable area to relax or spend time with friends and family, a fire pit may be the perfect option. Although plenty of homeowners assume that this is a space they’ll only be able to use during the colder months of the year, it’s actually just as nice to have a little fire going on a summer night as it is to be around one during the fall or winter.

One of the factors that makes this backyard addition so appealing is it can be customized in just about any way that you want. Not only does that give you the ability to create the exact look you want, but it also means you can create a great fire pit on a budget of just about any size. One of the main choices you can make with a fire pit is whether or not you want to pour a permanent base for it. If you’re not sure which option will be best for your specific backyard, a House Doctors professional can help you properly assess your space.

What You’ll Need for This Project

Before you start gathering the materials for this project, it’s a good idea to check the building code for your community. This will alert you to any regulations or restrictions that will apply to this project. Once you know you’re good to go, the items you’ll want to gather are a tamper, level, rake, shovel, sand and concrete wall stones. The two optional items for this project are masonry adhesive and cap stones.

How to Create Your Own Fire Pit

You’ll want your pit to have a diameter of 36-44 inches. Lay out the stones, and then once you find an arrangement you like, mark the perimeter. As you start digging the pit, you’ll want to go a full twelve inches down into the ground. Try to keep the hole’s walls as vertical as you can. When you reach the bottom, be sure to make it level and flat. Then pour in a few inches of sand, followed by tamping it down so the surface is once again level.

Next, start putting the stones around the hole’s perimeter. You’ll want them to touch the walls and each other. Keep stacking until the stones are about a foot above the ground. Finally, put another layer of sand down. It should be about four inches deep and cover the bottom layer of stones. While you’re technically done at this point, if you decided you want to use capstones for decoration, you’ll want to secure them in place by using the masonry adhesive.

If you are interested in adding a fire pit to your backyard but don’t feel comfortable creating it by yourself, a House Doctors professional can get it promptly built for you so you’ll be able to start enjoying this new addition!

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