The Right Landscape Edging Can Make Your Yard Look Great

The Right Landscape Edging Can Make Your Yard Look GreatAdding landscape edging to your yard can give it a whole new look. Not only can the right type of edging add a lot of visual appeal to your yard, but it also has other uses like reducing the amount of mowing that needs to be done, as well as helping to prevent grass and weeds from spreading into unwanted areas.

If you’re interested in landscape edging but aren’t exactly sure how to go about making this addition, let’s start by looking at the most popular options that are available:

Plastic Edging

The three traits that make plastic edging a common choice for homeowners is it’s easy to install, flexible and doesn’t cost much. However, it does have a few downsides. While it can look nice, of the three most popular options, it’s the least attractive. It’s also fairly common for homeowners to accidentally damage this type of siding with a trimmer or lawnmower. Also, because it’s not the most durable material, it doesn’t always hold up great when the weather gets really cold.

Steel Edging

Unlike plastic, steel edging is extremely durable. That’s true even if you live in an area that receives heavy frost. In terms of installation, it’s almost as easy and flexible as plastic edging. While it requires very little maintenance, the main drawback for some homeowners is steel edging is more pricey than plastic.


Although pavers don’t have the word edging in their name, they can work very well for this purpose. Most people would agree that pavers are the most attractive form of edging. Not only do they look great, but because they come in so many different styles, shapes and colors, it’s easy to get the exact appearance you want. This type of edging requires very little maintenance. The main thing to keep in mind is installing pavers is more complicated than plastic or steel edging.

Tips for Getting the Best Results from Landscape Edging

Since many homeowners use edging to create a new flower bed, you’ll want to put plenty of thought into the plants you choose. By selecting the right options for the amount of sunlight and moisture the bed will get, you’ll be able to grow a beautiful bed. Just be sure to leave enough room for when the plants do get bigger.

When it comes to planning a new flower bed, you’ll also want to opt for the right type of mulch. For example, chipped mulch doesn’t work well on slopes. And while shredded mulch can be a good fit for a sloped area, it may not be ideal for large flat beds due to its higher cost. With stone mulch, you can enjoy very little maintenance. Just be sure to avoid this type in areas that get a lot of sun, as the mulch gets quite hot.

If you need any help picking the right type of mulch, choosing which edging to use or having any landscape work done, House Doctors is ready to help.