The Power of Under Cabinet Lighting

The Power of Under Cabinet LightingThere are many situations where a full kitchen remodel makes sense. While this type of project is a significant investment, a quality remodel can add quite a bit of value to a home. So using a remodel to address a kitchen that’s completely out of date or isn’t functional enough can be a very wise improvement. That being said, remodeling isn’t the only option that’s available for changing a kitchen. Whether it’s because they don’t want to make a ton of changes or just don’t have the budget available, plenty of homeowners are interested in other solutions for making a change to this space.

One option that can have a big impact is under cabinet lighting. To the surprise of many homeowners, this single change can significantly increase the attractiveness and functionality of different areas in a kitchen. If you’re wondering why one change can have such a major impact, it’s because of the way this lighting is positioned.

In kitchens that aren’t illuminated enough, trying to prepare meals can be a stressful experience. But once lighting is added underneath the kitchen’s cabinets, it will fully illuminate the space where food is prepared. Since it will brighten everything up, working in the kitchen will immediately became a more pleasant experience. This type of lighting can also make a kitchen appear larger and highlight features like backsplash tiles.

A Kitchen Isn’t the Only Space That Can Benefit from Under Cabinet Lighting

While kitchens are the most common area in a home for the addition of under cabinet lighting, they’re not the only space that can benefit from this addition. Workshops and craft rooms are both areas that can gain a lot from utilizing this type of lighting. And depending on exactly how it’s laid out, it can even make sense to put under cabinet lighting in a bathroom. The most common reason is it allows this space to be illuminated at night without having an overwhelming amount of light.

How to Find the Right Under Cabinet Lighting Option

The three most common types of under cabinet lighting are linear lights, puck lights and strip lights. You’ll also be able to choose between halogen, fluorescent and LED bulbs. The best way to figure out the specific option that’s going to work best for your home is to take a look at these different lighting and bulb options in person. By seeing exactly how much light they put out, you’ll be able to determine which one is going to look best in your kitchen, workshop, craft room, bathroom or other area that you’ve decided you want to illuminate.

Whether you want help assessing where it makes the most sense to add this type of lighting, or you would like professional help installing lighting options that you have already picked out, House Doctors can help. By giving us a call, you’ll get all the help you need, as well as complete peace of mind thanks to our one-year service guarantee.

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